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Everyone will agree that modern technologies are developing at a high speed. People sometimes do not have time to monitor all of the new products on this market. It is important to know of the main directions in the field. We're confident that everyone will find the most necessary things for himself personally. For example, let’s talk about Smart TV. A wave of transition to the completely new multi-functional TV with Internet connection, comfortable digital music players and lots of innovations has not yet ended. So many people are using high-quality TVs, which give a good image, but don't have the latest software and hardware. If you want to expand capabilities of your television set without major investment or you have need to personally test Smart TV capabilities, and don’t have sufficient funds for the purchase focus on Android TV Box. This console has a striking charge performance. After connecting it gives you lots of extra features that haven’t been available before.

Lots of people mistakenly call it a media player. Actually this is really a multifunctional console, because media player capabilities are quite limited. Today several firms are engaged in creation of these boxes. All of the devices have similar structure and are operated by Android. At this time we’d prefer to talk about the above mentioned box in general and also to find out what benefits you can aquire when you purchase Android TV Box.

Before while we're talking about the technical characteristics of the consoles I would like to say a couple of words about opportunities that are offered when you connect with this type of a TV box. The first thing to note may be the capacity to watch any video in almost all formats on the Internet or from a memory card. An additional advantage may be the capacity to view over 1000 channels after installing a suitable application. Not satisfied with the quality of analog channels or broadcast programs aren’t to your taste? Pick other ones according to your personal preferences.

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