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If you have decided to spend your holiday in Europe, you may choose from a huge variety of hotels with the hot sun, black, red and white sand, and the best hotels which you can imagine. In Europe, there're resorts which are among the greatest in the world and gives a great and unforgettable summer vacation. If you would enter a travel blog, you can certainly see good info about some of the greatest places in Europe. You may learn about galleries, movie theaters, cafes, night clubs, beaches, etc. In this post, we will talk over some of the top European places where you might spend your summer holiday. Here are the most popular countries taking into consideration this aspect:

Bulgaria- The best resorts in Bulgaria, such as Dune, Sunny Day, Albena, Elenite, St. Vlas, Sunny Beach, and others, are popular for the purity and preservation of the natural beauty of the beaches, and that is what they have been honored the "Blue Flag". All these places on the coast of Bulgaria are environmentally friendly. A huge plus is the hospitality of the folks of Bulgaria and quality of service in hotels.

Greece - Greece is renowned for its beaches and resorts and ranks 15th in the world as the most frequented countries. The full length of the waterfront in Greece is 16 000 kilometers. It is known for transparent and clear waters, allowing 421 beaches being decorated with the blue flag of UNESCO. Even if there exists a crisis situation, you might take your opportunity and get a cheaper vacation.

Spain - Resorts in Spain are among the most well-liked tourist destinations in the world. For lots of travelers, the marvelous Spain is the greatest destination to spend a holiday in Europe. With hundreds of miles of coastline and with accessible beaches, the tourists may sunbathe in urban areas, pulsating with persons, or relax in a place isolated glades with silky sand. More than 600 beaches in Spain are recognized by experts as exemplary. You may get this amazing country on any Europe travel blog on the web.

Italy - Among the greatest cultural and tourist destinations in the world, it is also an excellent place for a long lazy summer holiday with more than 4500 miles of coastline. According to specialists, Italy is high quality tourist area and takes pride in the top five of the most advanced tourist countries. For the best travel blog, follow this link

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